Are there any new products coming by Hasi Tuned?

Yes, we always develop new products and test them within our Team. We constantly try to improve our range of products and stay on top of the game. So please wait patiently for official announcement of new products. 

Is the official team using the same product as I can buy in the shop?

 Eighty percent of the time, our team drivers are using the same products, except when we try new configurations.

How do you recommend break-in your engine? 


First, we recommend buy the engines pre break-in by us. There, the engine is already used on a bench with a special fuel mixture to do the most difficult part of the break-in. After this, the engine is already brown and ready to go on track for finish the break-in. 

On track, we recommend to do another 0.5 to 1.5 liters with lower temperature and lower RPM, depending on hardness of the piston / sleeve. Important is to let the engine cooling down from time to time. When the engine is cold and you turn the flywheel around, the engine should be free. If the engine stock around the top point of the sleeve you should run it further with lower RPM and temperature than during race. 

What is the right temperature for the Hasi engines?


This depends on many factors. We recommend reaching the peak power always from the rich side. So open the main needle and close steady until there is still some smoke left and the engine has good power and response. You do not need to measure temperature for this. If you still want to, here we go: 

Depending on ambient temperature, we recommend to have in between 70-80°C plus ambient temperature. Therefore, for example if ambient temperature is 20°C, we recommend to set the engine between 90-100°C. Important is to know that every temperature sensor measure a little bit different and a lot things influence the engine temperature as well. 

Which fuel do you recommend for using Hasi engine?


Our drivers are using Maxima or Energy fuel, which we believe is the best to get the best performance out of our engines without adding anything to it.